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ITT Details


This Hub site has been created to support SEATS with the process of procuring high quality education and training solutions for our employer partners from further and higher education providers. Please use this Discover ITT page and procurement portal to complete SEATS tenders.



  • There are currently no open tenders. Our next ITT opportunity is expected summer 2024.

  • Higher education providers including higher education institutions, further education colleges and independent training providers are invited to tender.

  • This ITT seeks to identify one or more education and training provider(s) to deliver a range of higher and degree level apprenticeships which meet the identified needs of partner employer organisations.

  • Provision solutions being sought in future ITTs may focus on a range of industry skill routes: Data Automation/AI, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Construction & Built Environment and Health and Care, as well as professional and leadership skills.

  • Those responding to an ITT would not be expected to deliver all of these routes and may engage in the ITT if they can provide solutions for one or more route.

  • Education and training provision in these industries would be expected to commence from the 2024/25 academic year.

  • All responses to this tender opportunity must be submitted using the portal provided on this site.



  • Go to the ITT Portal section on this page.

  • Once you are ready, complete your online registration using the procurement portal.

  • When you have completed all the fields press 'submit'. This will enable a brief verification.

  • We will then send the contact email you provided the full Excel version of the ITT Pack including the response pro-forma (within 2 working days). Please check spam!

  • Complete the ITT Response Pro-forma answering all the questions (incomplete submissions will be rejected).

  • Send the completed ITT Pro-forma file version to the email address we will provide in response to your registration, by the ITT deadline, with the attached file prefixed with your institution name (this can be a known abbreviation) as per the ITT Spec Guidance.

What are the timelines and what happens next?


Click here for the summary timelines and processes for live ITTs.

Supporting Info


The Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA - now known as SEC - South Essex Councils), of which Essex County Council is a member, aims to establish a new generation Technical University in South Essex, to transform the current higher education offering in the sub-region through innovative work-based learning. This will be designed and delivered with local businesses and focused on increasing local skills levels to meet existing and emerging economic needs. Ahead of this longer term ambition for South Essex, SEATS has been established to provide, through selected education and training provider partners, apprenticeship and degree apprenticeship solutions for local employers, that meet training needs across a range of identified key industry routes.

Click on the boxes below to find additional supporting information about SEATS and for our ITT rounds.

ITT Portal


Please ensure you read the full ITT and associated guidance documents to ensure a successful initial submission.

SEATS Procurement Portal

  • SEATS March 2023 ITT (L4-L7 Apprenticeship Provider Procurement)
    SEATS March 2023 ITT (L4-L7 Apprenticeship Provider Procurement)
    Wed, 01 Mar
    01 Mar 2023, 08:00 – 24 Mar 2023, 16:00
    Essex, UK
    01 Mar 2023, 08:00 – 24 Mar 2023, 16:00
    Essex, UK
    Your opportunity to work with SEATS to grow the delivery of exceptional, employer-led technical vocational higher-level education for local business and residents in South Essex, and beyond.
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