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ITT Timescales

Timelines and stages for the Winter 2023 ITT and procurement process are outlined below.

Prospective providers may find the FAQs page of this site helpful when preparing to complete an ITT submission. In addition the Supporting Information section of this site and its specific guidance pages should be referred to in conjunction with the Discover ITT page where you will find links to key documents outlining the procurement specifications in detail.
1st March 2023 - ITT opens

2nd March 2023 - Clarification period opens and closes 17th March

15th & 16th March
 2023 - Virtual webinar opportunity for ITT applicants 

2nd March - 17th March 2023 - SEATS response window to ITT clarifications

17th March
 2023 - Deadline (4pm) for providers ITT clarification questions

24th March 2023 - Deadline for submission of ITT submissions to SEATS

28th & 29th March 2023 - Evaluation of tenders and Board shortlisting

30th & 31st March 2023 - SEATS Board review and confirm shortlist invites

5th & 6th April 2023 - Tender presentations by shortlisted providers

11th April 2023 - Initiation of confirmations to successful providers

12th April 2023 - Notice to unsuccessful providers

19th April 2023 - Planned appointment date and contracting process starts

21st April - June 2023 - Contracting and delivery planning commencement

September 2023 - First provision to commence (subject to apprenticeships and degree components procured and employer and provider contracting).
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