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SEATS Press Release
6th December 2023

SEATS Limited is recruiting...

We are now providing information about two posts we plan to establish in early 2024 to take our business forward.

To find out more and all the application information and pack check in on our Join the SEATS Team page.



SEATS is an employer led not for profit company limited by guarantee, and is supported by several major employers across Essex and the local authorities in South Essex.  


It aims to establish a prestigious and high-quality solution that enables delivery of higher level technical education programmes for employers, through our university providers, whilst also providing South Essex residents with a clear and improving route to high skilled employment.


This innovative initiative is intended to build a strong collaboration between employers and further and higher education providers, that harnesses the teaching and research expertise of education and the industry knowledge and expertise of employers.


To grow the delivery of exceptional, employer-led technical vocational higher-level education for local business and residents in South Essex, and beyond.


To aggregate business demand for higher-level, technical vocational skills, inspire more individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to pursue higher-level, technical vocational career pathways and put in place exceptional, innovative education solutions to address both current and future skills challenges in South Essex.


  • The advancement of education and training in higher level technical skills for the benefit of the public in the South Essex region by: facilitating the provision of training opportunities for local people to secure skilled jobs;  

  • Supporting local firms to identify, develop and secure the necessary skills in their workforces to enable growth, resulting in increased and enhanced employment opportunities in the region;  

  • Facilitating the provision of skills programmes tailored to support employed learners, new career entrants and learners needing to re-skill; and 

  • Supporting the retention and attraction of high quality firms to the region by providing access to a trained and skilled workforce. 


SEATS Services & New Apprenticeship Solutions

SEATS provides a range of services:
  • Working with regional employers to identify their skills needs and related training requirements.
  • Engaging with local authorities to ensure local employment opportunities for their communities improve and are enhanced in terms of skill levels.
  • Linking employers to education and skills providers that will be able to meet their training requirements.
  • Improving the accessibility and flexibility of education and skills delivery by working with provider partners to extend responsive and effective remote and blended learning solutions.
  • Procurement of education and training solutions identified by SEATS employer partners
  • SEATS engaged Coventry University in July 2023, as its first and primary delivery partner.
  • The current apprenticeship offer can be seen here: SEATS / Coventry University Provision Menu.Contact us for information on fees / band rates.
  • Apprenticeship solutions for employers via Coventry University can be adapted to specific needs with options for campus linked delivery at the university's Dagenham, Greenwich or Liverpool Street Campus sites.
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Supporting Info


The Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA), of which Essex County Council is a member, aims to establish a new generation Technical University in South Essex, to transform the current higher education offering in the sub-region through innovative work-based learning. This will be designed and delivered with local businesses and focused on increasing local skills levels to meet existing and emerging economic needs. Ahead of this longer term ambition for South Essex, SEATS has been established to provide, through selected education and training provider partners, apprenticeship and degree apprenticeship solutions for local employers, that meet training needs across a range of identified key industry routes.

Click on the boxes below to find additional supporting information about SEATS and for our ITT rounds.



A key characteristic of SEATS is its significant partnership base. This includes all the South Essex local authorities and Essex County Council, which under the Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) have engaged and worked with several of the county's most prominent employers, to establish SEATS as a vehicle to take forward the ambition to develop relevant and sustainable, high level advanced technical education solutions, that meet the needs of the economy and local communities.

The employers below include formal SEATS Ltd Board member organisations and advisory partners.


What is ASELA?

Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA)

The Association of South Essex Local Authorities is a partnership of neighbouring councils that have come together to promote growth and prosperity in the region.

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